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We’ll meet you where you’re at.

Foundations of Strength Training- Beginner


Tired of injuring yourself every time you try a new workout program? This 8 week program will help you build stability and neuromuscular connections that are essential for injury prevention and building movement patterns. In this program, you’ll build neck and shoulder stability, basic core and trunk stability, and will learn about how to do the squat and deadlift in a way that works for your stretchy body. No equipment needed, but resistance bands are recommended.

You’ll get:

-8 weeks of programming, specific to hypermobility, focusing on building sustainable movement habits, neck, and foundational movements.

-3 workouts a week ( 1 upper, 1 lower, and 1 core based day)

-In depth video descriptions for each exercise

-Movement Buddies forum with other active clients for questions and community

-Plan to spend 5-15 minutes for each workout. Each week will progressively increase.

Foundations of Strength Training- Intermediate

Ready to improve your balance, core, and trunk control? This 8 week program will help you to develop full body stability in a way that is intended to reduce overtraining and injury due to hypermobility. You’ll learn how to do important trunk strengthening and balance exercises including carry variations, single leg RDL, and plank variations to reduce symptoms of hypermobility. Basic gym equipment recommended.

You’ll get:

-8 weeks of programming, specific to hypermobility focusing on trunk stability, balance, and core strength.

-3 workouts a week ( 1 upper, 1 lower, and 1 core based day)

-In depth video descriptions for each exercise

-Movement Buddies forum with other active clients for questions and community

-Plan to spend 10-30 minutes for each workout. Each week will progressively increase.

Bulletproof your Back:
Lifting Mechanics to Reduce Back Pain

Tired of your back hurting every time you clean the house, pick up your kid, move some cat litter or carrying groceries?

Let’s build up strength so you can stop having to ask for help!

Our primary focus is to decrease back pain, but we can do this through build up full body stability.

This program includes:

-3x per week customized workout plan for 12 weeks (1 upper body, 1 lower body, and 1 full body)

-In depth video descriptions for each exercis

-Weekly Check-Ins

-3x printable worksheets

-Access to movement buddies forum

-On demand online video trainings covering topics including: 

  1. Squat vs hinge
  2. What is your core?
  3. Is stretching good or bad for hypermobile bodies?
  4. Breathing techniques when lifting
  5. Do I need a belt or wrist straps?
  6. How to schedule my workouts? Calculating volume to prevent injury.

-Plan to spend 15-40 minutes for each workout. Each week will progressively increase.

*Basic gym equipment up to 50 pounds is recommended.

I know you're feeling...

  • Frustrated with the current medical system
  • Worried about movement because every time you try, you end up with a headache or another injury
  • Suspicious that you can be helped online

I help you...

  • Feel empowered to move again, without fear of injury
  • Find the correct exercise dosage for your body in order to implement change while limiting pain and re-injury
  • Learn about YOUR body so that your results will go far past our time working together

No gym membership? No Problem!

It is our mission to meet you exactly where you’re at. Whether you have a can of soup or a barbell, we will make sure you have the right equipment needed to meet your goals. Our programs can be completed either at home or at a gym!

I have had way fewer flare ups!

Amazing programs, especially for folks with connective tissue disorders/ Ehlers danlos! I have never had much success with PT because my doctors had very little understanding of EDS. With this program, in just the first month of 3x/week sessions, I have had way fewer flare ups of symptoms than normal. So much better than in-office PT because you can be in the comfort of your home with no fancy set up required! 

H. VanWyk


Overwhelmed and need someone to talk to? We will listen to your story, walk through your current routine, and make recommendations on what we think should be a good next step for you and your situation. If you’re good at implementing a plan on your own and just need advice on what to do, this one is for you!

Tweaked your back or neck at the gym? Lets chat and learn more about the healing process together and what movement may look like for you during it.

BENEFIT #1: Talk to a proffessional quickly

BENEFIT #2: Skip the waiting game

BENEFIT #3: Just pick up your phone. 100% virtual

This service is best for those who need some guidance without specific programming.


Need full support to help you meet specific goals?

Custom programs are typically 8 weeks in length, although can be purchased in bigger packages. These programs are 100% custom to your needs, limitations, and goals. You also get 1-2 calls per month with Jenna to review exercises, go over form checks, and to answer any questions you may have. 

Programs are delivered through an app with video explanations and full app access to Jenna in between sessions.


BENEFIT #1: App access and 1 on 1 support from jenna

BENEFIT #2: programming specifically to you, your schedule, and your needs

BENEFIT #3: Regular increases to keep you getting stronger each week without overdoing it

Custom programming is a premium service and spots are limited. If you feel you need more one on one support, please apply at the link below.


Tired of going to physical therapy 3 times a week? Even worse, doing the same exercises every time you go or being treated alongside 3 other people?

Virtual physical therapy gives you individualized care from the comfort of your home. We will teach you about your medical conditions and prescribe movements specific for you and your body to improve your mobility and strength so that you can move without limits. 

BENEFIT #1: Remote physical therapy, anywhere in nc

BENEFIT #2: diagnosis and treatment for medical conditions by a doctor of physical therapy 

BENEFIT #3: Individualized care

This service is for North Carolina residents only. FSA and HSA accepted.

Would highly recommend her!

Jenna did an excellent job of coaching even though our sessions were virtual. This was my first experience with a personal trainer and she was able to note small changes that really made a difference in the quality of my workouts.

R. Russell

How monthly programming WORKS

We Chat

First, we hop on a call and talk about your history. This will help you to know how to get started and will help me program your workouts. Our call is to make sure you are comfortable and know exactly what to expect. This is the same as our consultation service but is included in monthly programming packages.

Develop a Plan Together

We believe that you know your body best. That’s why we develop a program together so that we can meet you exactly where you’re at. This will help reduce injury risk as well as leave you feeling confident that the program will work for you and your situation.

You Implement the Plan and Feel Better

You will receive receive access to the app right after our call. The app gives you access to your coach, videos, individualized programming, and form checks. You can message your coach anytime to make sure you feel comfortable with the program.