Strength Training for Hypermobile People

Ex-cheerleader, dancer, or injury prone? Can you bend over and touch the ground? You may be on the hypermobility spectrum! This may lead to frequent injuries and things like neck pain, headaches, mid back muscle spasms, pinchy hips, dislocating joints, or ankle sprains. Strengthening is probably the medicine you're looking for to provide some stability in your body. I'd love to share with you how!

Exercise is Medicine

What if you have all the answers you need right in front of you?

Medication can come with side effects, especially if the dosage isn’t the right one for you. The same can happen with exercise. All of our coaches are trained with a doctoral level of education and have extensive knowledge of healing, exercise dosage, and medical conditions. This will help to minimize risk of injury and pain associated with movement during your workout programs. We believe you know your body best and will program specifically for you, your body, and your experiences. Exercise is medicine so we will help find the best dosage for you.

Personal Trainer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy and Online Coach!

I’ve had my share of injuries due to hypermobility, frustration with the medical system, and fear of movement. Over the last decade I’ve worked to build strength and resilience as a wellness coach, personal trainer, rehab tech, and now as a physical therapist. My doctoral education was completed at Campbell University (Go Camels!) where I learned how movement is medicine. I would love to share with you how!

She is a lifesaver!

Jenna was an amazing help with my shoulder/neck pain. She gave me a few exercise and I’ve felt better ever since! 10/10

– E. Maldonado

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Whether you just need a one time consult to know where to start or you want full support with monthly programming through an app, full remote access to your coach, form checks, and support along the way.


This service is for North Carolina residents only. Need medical advice and treatment for a diagnosis? We will walk you through a treatment plan 100% virtually to help you improve function and independence with daily life. No referral needed!