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Physical therapist, personal trainer, small business owner, wife, dog mom and lizard mom

Jenna is a doctor of physical therapy and ACSM certified personal trainer. She practices full time at an outpatient clinic that specializes in sports performance. When not at work, she’s probably working behind the scenes for her own business, talking a walk with her dog, or spending time with her husband.

Her physical therapy journey started in middle school when her knee cap dislocated…multiple times. She always was active but this instilled fear of movement. Turns out she’s a little hypermobile and has all the stuff that goes along with that: neck tension, knee dislocations, ankle sprains, hip impingement, etc. 

Physical therapy changed her life and helped her find freedom and confidence with movement, without fear of injury. 

Unfortunately, another thing she learned about the healthcare system is it isn’t about patient-centered care. The current model seems to be having people see you for as many visits as possible…while frequently seeing multiple patients at once. After dealing with the frustrations that come with insurance, imaging, and not to mention the $$$, she realized that there has to be a better way. 

That’s when she started Empowered Movement, a way to talk to a healthcare professional and build strength without even having to leave your house.

She believes you have everything you need inside you. With a little education, you can manage your own health conditions!

Build Stability

My workout programs start with foundational stability training. We use this to see how your body responds to movement. This will also help to reduce injury as we progress your exercises each week.

Build Strength

Progressive overload is where we do mild increases in repetition, weights, or frequency of movement. This is done in small increments in order to reduce injury but allow for the body to make good change.

Move with Confidence

The stronger you get with these movement patterns, the more comfortable you will be with daily life. Let’s get you moving furniture, lifting up children, carrying groceries, and fully participating in your life without restrictions.

What Does my Routine Look Like as Someone who is is on the Hypermobility Spectrum?

My hypermobility journey began when I was in middle school and I went to physical therapy for my dislocating kneecaps.

It wasn’t until I became a physical therapist myself that  realized there’s a whole population of people who have just been told to stretch to get rid of pain, even by healthcare professionals and other physical therapists. 

I realized this population (myself included) needed someone to empower them, help them move within their limits, and build strength to support their joints. The fear of movement that comes with dislocations is a lot and the more we have guarded movement, the more our pain increases.

So what does my routine look like?


And walking with the occasional jog.

Strength training has changed my life and I’d love to share with you how it can change yours.

As always, movement looks different for everyone. Strengthening for you may look like doing a few body weight movements at home. For others, it may be crossfit or olympic lifts.

Ultimately, what matters is that we find a way for you to move in a way that you enjoy and feel good.

I can’t wait to help you find that!

Book a call with me!

Want to see if we’re a good fit? Let’s chat! I’d love to hear a little about your story to see if I’m able to help. If I’m not, then I’d love to help you find someone who can!